"From The Outside Looking In"


From the outside looking in
I spy the winds have changed,
Through the window I see
All the things deranged.


Perfect country, harmoniously together
Is yelled from every border,
But do they truly see
The roots of our disorder?

I shy away from prejudice
Of black and white and blue,
For we all stand for that American Flag
with colors tried and true.

Standing on a government platform
A man haughtily changes the tide.
Now, shouldn’t we be a country
Willing to stand and disband pride?

Gays and lesbians and bisexuals
So distastefully denounced,
Yet we claim to be a country
With Freedom clearly pronounced.

On the steps of Churches I stand
With bells chiming loud and clear,
To proclaim Christ, our Savior,
Is ever growing near’r

Yet the anti-Christian activitists
Yell obscenities profane,
And those who believe in something
Are faultily at blame.

Whatever color, sexual orientation, or
Religion you may be,
The winds of change bring love and acceptance
Together, we live in perfect harmony.

In the faint and feared future
One promise rings very true
Of colors and religions many
With pride of the Red, White, and Blue



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