Can you guess what's my nationality?

Hello, my name is
"Dirty knees"
"Look at these"
"Criss cross"
"Apple sauce"
"Do me a favor and get lost"
Why does my nationality mean so much to you?
I'm American.
I swear
No I am NOT lying.
My parents are from some little
insignificant country that
you've probably never even heard of,
now I know your not a world traveler
but it sure as hell is annoying knowing that
you've never even seen the
country I'm suppose to be connected
You. Just. Do not. Understand.
So stop asking...
I'm a
I'm unique, I tell myself
I'm like a beautiful mythical
creature, very rarely seen
but in reality I'm more 
like a weird badly deformed
cat-dog with two mouths.
People look at me funny whenever
I say my parents country
so don't ask,
you don't want to know
stop placing me some where because
you'll never get it.
No I'm not Haitian nor Jamaican
nor Bahamian
nor Bajan
nor Trini
nor a Virgin Islander
Stop guessing
you'll never get it.
It's like a cat and mouse game
You try to guess, and I pull your tail
Nope that's not it
So why bother keep asking?
Your a nuisance
to my conscience,
thank you and goodbye now.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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