An American's Wound

My heart bleeds stars but the blood is striped,

and my heart pulses with war hymns and psalms 

dripping with Betsy's fears 

Instead to cover vets like newspaper blankets


My heart is pierced by an arrow made of patriotism 

but is caged like a "drug dealer", hanging limp as a slave.

following a trail of never ending tears, 

instead to refuse ancestors like walls


My heart pumps with equality 

but is silenced by misogynists 

stealing my words of independence 

instead to commit homicide like claiming ailments 


My heart bleeds stars, and the blood is striped 

and my heart pulses with rage of nationalism 

dripping with inequality 

instead to cover lies than to reveal truth 


My heart bleeds and the blood drips, 

indifferent to ethnicity or history, but aware of nationality 

for stars leave scars 

and stripes leave imprints

of an eagle left for injustice.






This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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