Mi Raza

Chicano pride. My cultura. A beautiful race of color.
Mi raza. Mi casa. 

My raza.

Learn and educate. Replicate. 
Scare them however we can. 
Bringing hope to all that lost it in this land. 
My hand. 
Only sweat blood and tears. 

A life of Love full of tears. Lotsa fears.

Better years. What a' hand. 
Believe me, the land of free. 
Was never free. 
Handcuffs is what history gave US. 
And they continue to feed US. 
What we love, to bleed US. 
They need US. 
America is our fight. 
We the Chicano race. 
So beautiful, full of Grace. 
Mestizo from our ancestors. We the people are a mixed race. 
We the Chicanos are a Mexican - American race. 
The face. 
Our face for the future of race. 
Together with others, we don't need no race. 
Only Gods Grace. 
By his hand and not my hand. 
Leave it to God, Gods plan. 

This poem is about: 
My community


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