Melting as one

What Crevecoeur said about America being a melting pot is true!
My teachers and mentors say that is more like a stew.
However let me prove it to you
For once I explain then I can tell you my troubles
My troubles on how to fix this place I call home

A melting pot gets all the pieces and morphs it into one.
Some argue it isn't like that but more like a stew where they are all there together yet separated.
The United States doesn't really have culture since we are not only brand new to this world but because we have diversity.
We have all cultures coming together and meeting.

This is why we aren't stew.
We meet and mix all of our cultures. Like metals from the periodic table each ingredient has a certain temperature in which it must reach to melt. Once all of it has finally melted together we will have a unified culture. Like the saying goes!
"A watched pot never boils" or in this case melt. So we must worry about or look at how we are as a nation but let it become what it's meant to be.

However we are having issues becoming a cultural nation.
Issues like racism and sexism plague out minds.
On one side we have people who want equality for all
But once they turn their other cheek they root for their own race or gender.

Women want equality amongst men in which I agree with.
Yet again I am Latino.
A Latino male makes less than a "white" woman.
Where is the equality in that?

In a classroom we were talking about racial equality in which I agree with.
Then we begin to watch a movie where a group of young black teens win a nationwide contest.
I hear a black girl cheer out when they win. She is proud of her people as should anyone but when she cheered she separated herself from the rest. She claimed to be one of them. She wasn't one of us anymore. She abandoned us to join them. She segregated herself. She wanted her people to win not the best one to win.

I want us to be one and melt together. The problem is how do we bring in all this culture, all this wonderful new information, but conform to becoming one people?
We should recognize our ancestry Learn from the past
But remember we are part of a new legacy

Help me my fellow citizens, my fellow Americans, my fellow family members. We must remember the Statue and accept all people from every part of the Globe. We must not separate ourselves from each other in any way or our integrity is lost. We must learn to say "I am from... but I am an American". Stop segregated communities such as cities or churches. Speak up and don't let the double standard or hypocrisy grow as bigger than it already is.
This land is my land
This land is your land
This land was made for you and me

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My country


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