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We have been living amongst a misconception
Misconceived by those who decided to create the title “Black History Month”
Now I understand this title was created to celebrate historical figures
Figures including MLK, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, and others who helped shape this country to what it is today
But there is a problem
The people I just named are not black.
See black is merely the color of the darkest form
Opposite of white, just the color of the skin of the people that was mistreated to create a nation torn
Black is the absence of light
The same light that we couldn’t see because blood was dripping down our forehead impairing our sight
Black is the relation to the characteristics of sad, gloomy, and despair
The same characteristics we felt when our sister was being sold and as she passes by we got that last scent of her hair
Black is not a group of people that can strive for one goal while traveling on a distinct mission
Black is only what we can see on the outside. Black is only a description.
Anyone can be black.
By their attitude. What they eat. How they talk. How their named. Etc.
There is no distinction.
No worrying about it running out or being endangered for extinction.
So why call it “Black History Month”
We could be literally talking about coffee beans, an eight ball, tar, or even Darth Vader because these things are all black right?
So enough with this talk about black culture
Black soldiers died on the field eaten by black vultures
Black sculptures created for black men but back then
The passion for our black kin have been over
We have progressed from the term black to African American.
An African American is a citizen with African roots
The same roots that helped us march through the streets just to expose the truth
An African American is a man that could be sent to jail
Sitting in his cell, for what is right cause what’s right is what will always prevail
An African American is a woman that could be arrested for being on a bus
Locked away for sitting in a seat that was not just made for one race, but for all of us
African Americans are a group of people that can strive for one goal while traveling on a distinct mission
African Americans can make the whole world listen. Together. United. Fighting for one vision
Respect to those who kept the dream alive
Those who died to make it easier for our lives
Because we all know deep down inside
That the past has been exposed so the future can arise.

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