Liberty of America.


United States
38° 52' 40.4148" N, 104° 48' 37.5912" W

Liberty, who may define this subtle word, our governing persuaders, you or me? Surely one may elucidate Liberty as freedom, distant of a governed control, an empowerment of choice and thought, backed by moral notions. Is this claim too absurd? Never did it such occur to me. Our political leaders prey on the meek, claiming saintdom while disarming citizens of their pistols, an onslaught of confidentiality frequently taught.
Forefather's laws censured, raped by the puppets whose string pulled. Illegal banks, Federal Reserve, "loan" money, products of counterfeit quality. Battered by police, shunned for exposing the abominating substitutions of American's God Given rights! Our pledge dismissed, due to offense? Exclusive disclosures are naked, derived by fear? Disbanded of weapons, caused by grief? Illegitimate nomads allowed to breach ancestry's persevering motivations, for what, charity?
Define, now, this collection of letters once called Liberty. What rendering does it possess? Just a thought.
Oh, Land of the Free, home of the Brave, who braces the limp induced by battles for birthright equities? Does the bidding be left to Soldiers, no, every American is obligated! In order deserve, one must earn fundamental inherits, less prior blood squandered in naught.

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