Just a Lot of F*cks: An Anti-Racist View

You know......
It's f*cked up when you realize that every adjective that describes you has to be justified and equalized through a movement.
From women's rights, to civil rights, and gay rights,
I find myself having to fight
For them all.

All of the bullsh*t and the inequality seems to have sh*tted on my shoulders,
But I'll be damned if I have to take a step back
For the simple fact
That my country forgot who the f*ck was standing behind the water hose.

I'm saying "F*ck that,"
To the rednecks
Who believe that they have to have the Confederate flag strapped to their chest.

I'm saying "F*ck You. You pig."
To every chauvinist that believes
That girls have to stay home with the kids.

I'm saying "F*ck you"
To every hate group
That kill innocent people because you're too much of a pussy to stage a coup.

I'm saying "F*ck!"
Because there isn't a word that's accurate enough
In the English dictionary that describes how I feel.

This poem is about: 
My country


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