Abate me

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 22:53 -- ariana


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United States
33° 59' 24.234" N, 84° 20' 37.2768" W

It’s This system I’m stuck in

inescapable, impossible to win.

Sitting for hours, blood pooling in the brain,

Make my senses go numb, but leaves me the shame

Of which they have none- But require you to feel,

Red ink on the page Humiliation unreal

When they tell you, you haven’t met the Expectations they've created,

Based not on the individual, but the population they've abated

It’s not about learning, it’s about Ed-u-ca-ti-on!

For our ultimate goal is bring Prosperity To a Nation

It’s this system, on which every body hinges

And thus impossible to destroy, yet our natural rights it infringes

Don’t believe it’s a choice, attendance in this process is mandatory

Rooted in socialization, give it up- relinquish all glory

Your florescent hallways, they weigh, on my eyes, on my doubt

I crave just one window, Let Enlightenment in let me out

Eight hours a day, and expect two hours a night

Your puritan theories define what is right

And what's wrong? For a kid to be living.

But that leaves no time to purge our misgivings

Judgments on judgment, county-state-nation

Leaving nothing for creativity but stagnation, starvation

Pressures halt all chances of expanding, to grow

We would rather learn than just be expected to know-

Memorizing these lines, these words, no significance!

You’re hunkering down, dulling our magnificence!

We’re trying so hard to shine, as kids will, you know?

Instead we’re tested, defined. No individuality survives aglow

This system we're all stuck in, dictates and consumes

It’s hopeless, but without it I’ll lose

This already small voice, no one seems to hear

Echoing in the classroom, Falling as noise on deaf ears.



I love it. So true


thank you!


Really nice I think it trumps my poem but I loved it liked the metaphors and words and the



This is fantastic.  It's a sophisticated, spot-on rap.  Such a great beat, and dang, that vocab.  Great job!


This poem portrays those precise feelings of imprisonment that so many of us experience when it comes to this topic. All this makes this poem absolutely brilliant! Way to go!


This is really good! I love it!


this pretty much blows my poem away. good luck with the slam.


WOW, i dont even know what to say, awesome, i love the way it sound like more of a rap.


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