My Hyphen: Yes, I’m Asian-American

I’m an American,

through and through,

but an American with a hyphen too.


An ode to my culture, customs,

and ethnic ties,

yet critics say my hyphen divides,

causes racial tension,

in a land where the white majority,

is to decide

my identity?!


It’s bad enough,

I’m made fun of,

just for being me,

but how dare you tell me,

there’s just one way to be an American,

and that I need to drop my hyphen.



I honor my ancestry,

and immigrant roots,

use my hyphen

to celebrate my truth.


I’m an American,

just like you,

but need my Hyphen,

cause that’s my

red, white, and blue.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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