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yes i am autistic yes i have my ways yes i do flap my arms yes the sounds to loud yes i feel like i am strange yes i know im different yes i know im autistic and yes i love myself
yes i am autistic yes i have my ways yes i do flap my arms yes the sounds to loud yes i feel like i am strange yes i know im different yes i know im autistic and yes i love myself
yes i am autistic yes i have my ways yes i do flap my arms yes the sounds to loud yes i feel like i am strange yes i know im different yes i know im autistic and yes i love myself
For what’s darkness, But a contrast to light? The only reason light can exist Is because there is darkness for it to illuminate. Light heals,
They taught us in school the simple things also that we are to peruse our dream. That were all different in our own way, it was something I learned the hard way.
Cloud Radiant, inky Storming, brewing, shining Resembling our endless diversity Metaphor
Because I love you…Anything goes and I’ll stayRespect: a mutualUnderstanding youIsn’t too di
In the ten years that I have lived here, I have been judged, discriminated, and hated. I have been crushed, hurt, and segregated.  I tried and gave the best I could,
We’ve associated an answer with this question for decades Waves of newspapers address it Dissect it Bless us, we free people, for we understand our place
Oh how the winds have changed all wind blows with the curviture of the earth but not all whip and burst in the same directions   Some winds dash throgh the trees and encourage leaves to dance
They say that up to half of college students go in not knowing what to do struggling, drowning in money while they try to choose. Pick one
Smashed windows Town stores burned to the ground Streets blocked Cars as our stepstools This is not peaceful Ruined views Torn down pews Yelled, screamed, shouted your brother’s name
A struggle it is To stand out in a crowd When your eyes are common And your hair is light brown I wondered Did they see me
Who will care when the world ends? Will it be you or any of your friends? What if the world ended today? Would you be happy with how it ends?
We cannot say what we are not,  
for in every smile that we offer the world unknowingly, we might have just made someone else's day   for in every sigh that we make unknowingly, we might have just ruined someone else's good life  
She is the voice who calms the waters within me. The voice who soothes the waves that are building up to that disastrous tsunami, ready to destroy anything or anyone in my path.  
I am the difference. I am the change that I seek in an alphabetical order i’m still amazing in these streets I rise from Ludicrous rhymes and liefs deranged.
Who am I? possibly the hardest question because there are infinitely many answers answers that may contradict because I am not simple then I realize I am not an answer there shouldn't be a question, "Who am I?"
For years I've skin walked. Days upon days mount up to one  complete with all of life's angst. Every second sealed with worry. Last moments are of pain until rest comes.
I am me in many ways I am different than everyone I know. I am a person with own desicions with own talents and aspirations. I am like a nomad who roams freely without rules only
Father,  You eat your porridge at such speed  That I wonder how your teeth 
We have the words to change the nation   Voice that will bring to life a whole new creation    Within us are our ideas, thoughts and feelings there lies in its own station   
When we walk on the street  
    Stifling sounds of a chair colliding with the adjacent wall send vibrations throughout my room.
Unseen the one who stands in the crowd to stay hidden throughout never known by the world outside but destined to conform to those beside. Admired are the ones who step apart
The souls of masses wander lost among,
To be loved by a beaten soul  Is a special kind of love To be loved by one who is not given it Is beautiful To know I am special enough to hold such a delicate heart within my rough hands
Through the crack in the wall, a streak of light spills on the ground.
Not Stagnant By: Eric Turner
I feel like the decades have hitten a rough path.  Seeing people my age or even younger, acting like maniacs.  YOLO, has made things worse.  Really? You didn't know you only live once?
All of our dreams have been the same- to spread our wings and take flight with the hot sun beating down and strong winds blowing.
what is the difference between you and i i'm blad-headed (handsome mind you) and you have blonde hair what is the difference between me and you i'm light and your dark what is the difference between i and you
There is only one job for me And that is to be whoever I want to be It shouldn't be all about money it shouldn't be a constant feeling of "love me"  doing the right thing should be the motivation
A Desire 
You have a million things crossing your mind.time, money, bills, and schooling.So many things that you have to keep track of.As soon as you lose grip you're losing sight of. 
What would I change? Wouldn't you like to know? I'd feed the hungry To make people grow.   I work at McDonalds, it's fine and all, And we throw away burgers that go out and come back
There's a girl all alone , cold ,hurt , and judged A teenaged girl all alone , makeup all smudged From crying and crying , she's crying because Noone understands the things that she loves
                      Judged by the way                      we look, magazines           skew the idea of true beauty.          Who started this trend? And
To free your soul you must accept pain.
What blame does a color hold For its mere existence Why can’t it be paroled From chains of cruel resistance What harm has faith instilled
What is difference? Why does society dislike the different? Who is to say what is differrent? No one is the same Yet, we all want to be like someone else No one is equal yet everyone is equal.
On the day of the dead I came to life,  and painted my mask in white. 
Belladonna     A beauty that illuminates such carnation hue   You defiled me with your sinful pleasure  
My skin cannot find its’ purpose in newspapers uncomfortable it makes you ashamed guilt makes you look dirty little girl played slavery when she was seven tar baby
  7.046 billion people in the world 1,200 students at the average high school So many faces in the world So many people that are passed by   What would happen if there was a chain reaction?
The bus clanks and shudders along the broken roads; My pencil jerks from my hand, And the broken roads are mirrored in line breaking My page with its marred stroke. My eraser jumps across the page as I erase
Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon Disney Channel and more Oh Cartoons, I do adore When I was little I learned so much Bubbles, her sweet and gentle touch Blossom was a leader and Buttercup didn’t back down
You talk and talk,  you voice monotone,  most of the students sleeping  or not even paying attention.  Tell me,  does that make you a good teacher?  Do your students learns anything? 
Lost inside a world that really doesn't exist. Nothing more than fake history that we all seem to understand. Though we don't understand it and we don't want to accept it. But we do.
Diversity: we are all different Diversity: we are all individual Without Diversity we’d be the same Everyone would like only vanilla ice cream
Life is filled with choices Which may be influenced by voices About financial aid and college courses Only lends to the soreness   College is purely optional But without it where can you go
Tell me how you feel when the wind gets strong enough to blow you over. Why do I try? Taking in everything that's happened, How do I forget? It'll blow over and everything will seem fine,
World without hate Is one without fright One where the darkness Is diminished by the light   One where all people Are happy at peace And discrimination Has finally ceased  
Based off of “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou   The Day roars sunlight at the first break of morning and sheds out his mane till only his sun commands and pounces happily in his playful freedom.
It was a question that plagued me even in my dreams and begged for a reply Why haven’t we changed? Obscure, it seemed it was, when a stranger approached me
(poems go here)Why do I right? Why does anyone? Why do we write what we write? Why do we mark up the precious white?   I can’t speak for you,but… I can write for me   I write for peace
What you do here is the marking of life Starting here and fighting the world and its strife Do you follow over footprints or make your own? It’s up to you to figure out the speed and the tone
  Why am I crying... Why would I shed a tear with no reason behind it... Is my life leading me towards unhappiness, Or am I just shedding a tear for each person that suffers each day.
Writing is an escape From the things I can't control. Because my other method to cope Truly gives no control at all. My life is wild and crazy And the blades just make it hazy.
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