I Am The Difference, By : Arvaughn Williams.

I am the difference.

I am the change that I seek in an alphabetical order i’m still amazing in these streets I rise from Ludicrous rhymes and liefs deranged.

Hoping that I can make it from flip flops and undid hairstyles, to hand-me-down clothes and Rocawear swim towels.

I am amazing.

Articulately sweet, never artificial and I always stay on my feet, and also...

accustomed to what life brings from nature's laws to beauty queens, from being broke down , burned, and betrayed I’m still here to make it or make change because I- I am the difference.

I’ve been cut up, cooked, and cracked like cocaine. Wishing for a childhood, wishing for better way.

Defying the hate seeing beauty and struggle determines my actions to outshine the ones who did me bad and others who made me cry, but it is time to make change because I- I am the difference.

Eating the Earth’s atmosphere to everyday songs like : “Life could be a cheer”.

Look at “ The Rose That Grew From Concrete’ it breathed fresh air when no one else cared, it became unique, different from others. From being flipped and flopped, and fought through foster care, from foster parent to parent the fear still eats away, still hoping God can make a better way.

And while hope seems to hop from street to street we can rise with the rose that grew from concrete.

This poem is about identity,serenity.

Making sure the sky is the limit, being different and showing where you come from. And where I come from you got hustlers on the street willing to put a gun to one’s head and squeeze away the pain.

But from ignorance to info, and technology now they can’t put it in the computers to show you how a black man got shot trying to lead the way, for coloreds to ride on the bus, for coloreds to be here today.

An if you are truly about making that difference you will say to yourself:

I am dedicated to staying alive, healthy, and free.

I am the change that I seek.

So seek that change, be your pursuit of happiness.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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