I See a Difference.

A struggle it is

To stand out in a crowd

When your eyes are common

And your hair is light brown

I wondered

Did they see me

The person I could become

Running to classes

Never running for fun

Struggling with worry

A unit on my back

Trying to stand out

But feeling held back

Driving to work

My car breaking down

Money for college

Where is it now

In my education

The schooling I have

Not in moms wallet

Not even dads

It’s in the hours

The alarm clocks i’ve set

The days i’ve spent training  

For countless events

One year ago

If I looked at her face

In a mirror or photograph

Her outlines, a trace

Eyes all sunken

Weighed with worry, fear

What will happen

At the end of this year

Now I look

And the face became new

The girl in the mirror

That girl is you

Her eyes are vibrant

And the future is bright

She knows that her work

Will be the warmth of the night

You can see in her smile

That she knows for sure

She looks like a difference

The sick world's cure

This poem is about: 
My community


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