What is teaching?


You talk and talk, 

you voice monotone, 

most of the students sleeping 

or not even paying attention. 

Tell me, 

does that make you a good teacher? 

Do your students learns anything? 

If us, the students, were the teachers

we could make learning fun. 

There would be more hands-on work, 

we would have discussions in class as a group, 

and also, 

we would be learning! 


What child does not want to learn something new? 

Make a difference: 

improve the way you teach, 

get the students more engaged in the classroom, 

and also let them do the talking. 


They will teach you about being a teacher.

They will show you the right way to teach. 

They are your teachers to improve.

Ask them their opinion. 

Ask them what can you change. 

They are the ones learning in the classroom, 

and you are thier teacher. 

You are not teaching yourself, 

so teach your students. 

Trust me, 

you will make a difference in their lives. 

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