When we walk on the street  

we can see diffrent faces

we can see different colors of skin

we judge, we claim, we all forget

that we all come from the same place;

we scream, we judge that the poor do the robery, 

but we end up knowing who the thief.

If we do a comment we are rebels

if we speak for good 

we are punish.

Can we do something? If we do 

we can not undo what they have done

we have to hold on and be unheard

Society is hard and the politics are understandable

can we do somethig?

We try, we do, we haved done thing

but things do no change.

Create leaders, create peacefull people

create humble people,

create change...

The faith is the first key to us to be free and understood.

Can you make the change?





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