"For The Birds"

All of our dreams have been the same- to spread our wings and take flight with the hot sun beating down and strong winds blowing. We flap our wings with all our might. Deep from our throats we sing a song called, "Freedom in Life is so Right," as we dance upon the blue sky no longer having to go through any strifes. Although, what if we're not all dancing and singing that song of life because all we do is cry, swallowed in rife "Give me Freedom in Life." The world's journey isn't something we've endevored inside the cage with clipped wings and bitter pains that feel like they'll last forever. But we hear the free birds sing, over and over, and we caged birds want to join them more than ever. But what if we were out our cage still unable to fly like the others? Would all be mundane? No, that will not stop us, nothing will today. As soon as we're out the cage we will shout: "Horray!"


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