For years I've skin walked.

Days upon days mount up to one 

complete with all of life's angst.

Every second sealed with worry.

Last moments are of pain until rest comes.

What do people think of their lives when they hear of them?

What goes through their minds?

What is it that goes on behind those different blurring doors of the mind?

    I feel speeding sheets of metal that rise to new heights.

Nothing matters in this time

As we're all sprinting to transcend this world until it's cut short.

    New lives every day to jump into.

Tell me their wrongs of past.

Of those that came before them.

We judge them without knowing and they're always within the wrong.

    Skin, same as mine

Wh will let us in?

We look and see only difference

They look and see only difference

I view the world and am not blameless.

You are not me, and I not you.

I, and You are different.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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