Make a Difference

Mon, 01/09/2017 - 12:29 -- Savvy_H

They say that up to half of college students go in

not knowing what to do

struggling, drowning in money

while they try to choose.

Pick one

one career

better choose right

this will be what you will be doing

for the rest of your life.

This was me

I too felt indecisive


absolutely nothing felt just right for me.

Do I want to help animals?

Do I want to teach children?

Do I want to raise horses?

Own a business?

Make billions?


none of this was quite spot on.

It felt like all hope with my education was gone.

But in 2016

my attitude changed.

Maybe my destiny could be rearranged.

Between tutoring first graders,

rescuing strays,


working hard,

throughout 366 days

I realized that I do not have to have a plan

my life doesn’t have to be completed in a certain time span.

I don’t have to do just one thing forever

I can have only one major but my major doesn’t measure

the time that I give,

the things that I do,

I can make a difference

I can break through

the mold that holds so many students down.

I can change the world starting in my hometown.

Maybe I’ll be a teacher

but that won’t be all.

I can raise money,


no matter how big or small!

Packing meals for the homeless,

sending Christmas gifts to far places,

I refuse to let my time on this earth be wasted.

I’ll make a difference,

I realize this now,

I can do more than my major will allow.

I will make a difference,

a revolution,

a change,

even if nobody ever knows my name.

I’ll help others,

be generous,

save animals,

give time.

I can make this world better one day at a time.

There’s no limit to what I can do,

2016 taught me this, and 2017 will too!

I can’t wait to see where this year will go.

2016 was great,

I’m not stopping there though.

I’ll go on until I’ve made the world a better place.

That’s how I’ve changed this year,

and it was not by mistake.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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