Within Us

We have the words to change the nation
Voice that will bring to life a whole new creation 
Within us are our ideas, thoughts and feelings there lies in its own station 
Yet we abuse it 
We focus on material things, Brand sneakers, clothes, and everything we consider “lit” 
Not noticing on the many gifts and talent we have, oblivious to our self, on its goodness we sit
This generation saddens me 
No moral values, respect, nor dignity, what was taught to us many years ago not gone, 
but hidden can’t you see
So much potential we have in ourselves 
So much books on the floor, yet we fail to fill them in their shelves
Potential without a drive, is blank, it’s not an addition, nor subtraction 
But a division of our true selves, we must look within us and seek to find where exactly it dwells 
People, within ourselves is the only way we are guaranteed to excel
We have the words to change the nation 
A voice that will bring life to a whole new creation 
Hands that will help each other through life’s own tribulation 
Together, we can create a population that will forever hold our reputation 
However, there is a but 
It all starts within us.
This poem is about: 
Our world


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