From Here On Out

Thu, 07/18/2013 - 04:04 -- Chuuong

What you do here is the marking of life

Starting here and fighting the world and its strife

Do you follow over footprints or make your own?

It’s up to you to figure out the speed and the tone

What’s another four years in the shadow of a crowd?

Shrinking into silence when your thoughts are too loud

You’re just counting down the days, just hoping to survive

A waste of your time- could be used to derive


Some courage or some faith, or even knowledge to spare

Since when did all those bright eye dreams become nothing to care?

Get a hold, get a grip, knock some sense back into ya

The only one in your way- just look in the mirror

You’ve a brain with a mind, brimming full of directions

To take the world and give humanity protection

From those who give up and say why bother at all?

You are capable of so much more, than one single call.


Who cares if I’m not the one who saves the world?

What matters if all the secrets of life are unfurled?

Me, I’m just trying to live my life all the same

It’s too risky- no resets- this isn’t a game

I can deal with mediocre, society’s status quo

I just need to get by, my things following in tow

There are seven some other billion people to choose

If I’m not a doctor, leader, or soldier what really is there to lose?


Do you hear the echoing voices

Of generations making these choices

To throw away the potential and gifts of mankind

And confide them into a journey with a tighter bind

You were made to reach the limit- you could go to the moon and back

Your capabilities still only when you end the track

“I’m only human” is hardly an excuse to be made

When it’s our greatest strength, ability, and trade


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