We’ve associated an answer with this question for decades

Waves of newspapers address it

Dissect it

Bless us, we free people, for we understand our place

In rigid morality

“Everyone is equal” we say, indulging in our superiority

Forcefully reminding ourselves that our beliefs make us strong

And you cannot even fathom the amount of beliefs behind

The turn of the nose, curl of the lip

In the turn of the century we let our dignity slip

Further and further down

Exposing the most disgusting word

Printed into our soul:


And how grouped we have become

Pangea save us all

Call us back to a time

Where there was no borders

But I suppose even then we would’ve found a way to separate

Us vs. Them

Femininity is an issue, so is sexuality

And don’t get me started on different nationalities

In the place I was born we have a precious mentality

Bogged down by gang wars and televised fatalities

“If we can find our group, we will be happy”

Happy enough to murder other groups

Race vs Sex vs Politics vs War

In our core we know we must take action

Fight like hell to make the world heaven

We’ve never learned the difference between action and extreme

Association is what killed the American Dream.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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