Growing Up


Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon

Disney Channel and more

Oh Cartoons, I do adore

When I was little I learned so much

Bubbles, her sweet and gentle touch

Blossom was a leader and Buttercup didn’t back down

Ed, Edd, n Eddy was the stuff

But now, I’m in high school

What do I watch?

News, weather and award shows?

No I refuse

I don’t like any of those


Sure I’ll watch MTV for my favorites

Jersey shore and Guy Code

Oxygen and We TV

Has My Fair Wedding and Bad Girls


Those are at least interesting unlike

G.O.P, Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Obama


Cartoons are roses

By any other name just as sweet

I will always love them

To me they are a special treat

To watch bad guys pummeled to the ground

Mordecai and Rigby fool around

Finn and Jake have tons of fun

To cartoons I will always be true

They are the only one I love

Except movies, my dog, family and other things

Excluding News and soap operas and those boring

You see, I am complex but very simple

Get the picture I’m painting with my words

I am a child and forever will be

Don’t confuse me

Anime, cartoons, dramas and more

I will always watch and adore


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