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I live in ecstasy  These slumbers of selfish  These twisted scenes of melancholy They stir an ire of passionate wish  
Air is an acquired taste That most want to breathe But my own air is two parts heartbreak One part grief It burns my lungs It burns my lips It burns my tongue  
Dear Depression I hate the fact you give me the feeling of loneliness and oppression I hate the fact you make me feel alone in a room full of people I hate the fact in that same exact room I don't feel as equal
You say I'm delusional  To see the sky painted a constant grey. You say I'm crazy To not see my true self in the mirror. You say I should be over it by now, That my soft cries are growing old to your ears.
Dona Julia Ama, I think of you everywhere I go. I feel you in everything I am.
The darkness never fades away It fills my soul and my heart No more skies of blue, it's only skies of gray Dragging on and on every single day Bloodshot eyes and heavy limbs The darkness never fades away
Why am I never enough? Why can't I ever make anyone happy? I'm constantly giving people my heart. But even that’s not enough. I can't ever do anything right. I keep failing to make you happy.
On the outside she smiles But really she is just done crying She is the happy one, trying to save everyone else But inside she is secretly dying
Dear Anorexia, Anxiety, and Depression: thank you. I am not thanking you for putting me through the worst parts of my life; I write this to thank you for making me stronger.
Can't you see I'm dying inside? Can't you see the tears gathering in my eyes? Can't you see the cracks in my mask? Why don't you see me for who I am?   Lost Alone Empty  
Dear Stranger, When did you pick up this letter? Are my transcribed words faded from sea winds or even the sticky sands that acts like glitter?
I couldn’t sleep again last night Demons plagued my dreams Wearing faces of love and affection One that you often see   Demons plagued my dreams Whispers of I love you I’ll never leave you
Dear Depression,   I beg of you to leave this soul of mine to grieve for I cannot take this pain no more for it is difficult to restore the happiness of before.   This pain is killing me
Dear Doubters,       I want to start first by saying thank you. Because of you, I was able to find myself. I found the person I had been searching for. I found the fight. I found the will.
Dear Doubters,       I want to start first by saying thank you. Because of you, I was able to find myself. I found the person I had been searching for. I found the fight. I found the will.
I can't see. I Can't See. My eyes, Can't see anything. God, Why have you made me so blind? Why can't I see The beauty of this world? Why have you dumped me
I have a friend. My only friend, in fact. He is always there for me when the dark thoughts  hit. He is small, but sharp. His words have the capability to kill. In a world full of fakes,
I have run from fearsFor too many yearsNot knowing if you careBut say that, I don’t dare With lies people spit outI am beginning to doubtI don’t know what to doWhen the hurt seeps through
Depression is not beautiful.   Depression is the thing that prevents me from doing normal things.   Having normal sleep patterns,
was it easy walking out of the door  and leaving it all behind. making everyone cry  as you did not say goodbye.  their hearts have so much pain,  but you left as quickly as you could. 
I open myself to pain, I invite suffering to rest within my bones heartache to fortify my chest misery to pool in the hollows beneath my eyes. Can you hear the cracking of my ribcage as it makes way for
"You're not a parasite", I try to convince myself However, this facade will not work forever. I become too attached to people Slowly I start living off that person like a host I am bothersome; I am selfish.
He loomed from the depths of hell He swam from the ends of the earth He screams, He dies, He trails me, He is darkness
don't go in there.   don't enter that dark and scary place once you enter, you may never leave   it is a place that shows you every catastrophic outcome possible
I am nothing. I am someone  That people have forgotten. That is my life. And now, I watch it go, Fade away.
I’ve been here before. At a time where I promised myself that from this point on it would be different. My mistakes and failures were enough to carve a lesson deep within my flesh.
A souless being With a growing, Misunderstood heart Trying to beat the dark Trying to reach the light Avoiding the toxicity dragging him down Just beating away the comments yet soaking them in.
And so she walked away from herself She put that part of herself in a box and buried it deep She saw that part of her soul, kissed it, and walked away
Life began with me crawling on the floor, steadily i started to stand up I lost hope and confidence and could never find motivation I forgot who i am Dim lights of the sky tried open up my path
  Depression Darkness swallows everything. There is no feeling, No sadness, No joy, Only a dark weight. I look for some way to end it, A way to get rid of the oppressive heaviness.
Once upon a time there was a wolf that lived in the forest  Everyone in town knew him and was terrified by his appearance
there she was laid out on a dusty bed still as a rock sleeping because the thoughts in her head never seemed to stop   oh look, prince charming handsome as ever
I don’t know how to start To share what I feel Or how to open up my heart For you to reach out and heal   I don’t want a friend I don’t want none at all I don’t want your lending hand
-I hate my own art. I hate it with a passion. I can never get it right. But, when I die it will be loved by so many people just like famous artists before me.
-I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory Is this where it gets me, on my feet, sev'ral feet ahead of me?
-I will keep quietYou won't even know I'm hereYou won't suspect a thingYou won't see me in the mirrorBut I crept into your heartYou can't make me disappear
 She praises an image, the only beautiful she see's is in her pain. She writes her feeling on the page, giving her anger, her sorrow, her sadness a name and words to speak.
It's like drowning. I've never felt water filling my lungs, but I have experienced  sorrow crushing my ribcage breaking my soul suffocating me no matter where I go no matter where I turn
  I am grumpy.  I am grump at the world.  I sit there and wonder why i'm still alive?  Why did he choose me ?  Am i really lucky to be alive?  Or is this punishment from the god above the skies?
The world mirrors my reflection I see my face everywhere I look Windows, walls, and people All wear my pale face   I see the light and wish to hide Shadows and darkness are my friends
Here I lay,laying in the darkness. Where no one can see me bleed,No one can hear me scream. Taking in the scenery,people pass without thinking Maybe it is time,to let them see
 Monsters of the night, they haunt me. They want to kill. Their blood lust transfers, I am the victim.   Rage and pain fills the once whole heart The blood lust is now mine I want to kill
Sometimes I wish, Out loud or in my head That this was just, A horrid nightmare. A nightmare that is way too long, And way too heart breaking. Sadly this isn’t a dream or nightmare,
And there were days where I was jealous of the moon, For she heard the cries and the secrets that spilled from your bloodstained lips,
I felt it. I felt the way he looked at me, Like he knew the words he would say would cut me and bleed me out.  I saw it.  The way he caressed my face and the way his eyes had lost their gleam. 
I can be a far greater nightmare than you could ever imagine But that has not always been the case. I was always the queen but snow added the EVIL to my name
For Curt.    His eyes were an offset blue, Identical to the unyielding forces of the tempestuous sea and the churning influence of the clouds. Or were they an unpolished silver,
I hate to be sad  But I cannot help to cry  My tears are dropping 
With no talent, no money, no help  I strive to be successful  I have the drive to reach all my potential  But never once the bright shining star  I only attempt to be good enough 
You might have said once that you were never going to break your promises Or you were never going to stop caring  Or you were never leaving my side  Or you were never going to stop loving me 
There’s a Stranger in the mirror Unclear and hiding Who it is I fear And why is she crying?   Soft drop falls From her blue eyes A voice behind her calls Is it she I despise…  
Sad depressed people all around Some are happy others are down My grandpa always sad It just made me feel all around bad   He locked the room all the time
She's spent hours staring into space with no thoughts in her head. She's spent days clinging to words They say words can't  inflict pain But time and time again she looks into the mirror  
Once lived a a young womenShe had stringy hair of gold that hung so delicately from her bony, pale white shouldersShe was a mystery, from top to bottom
No matter how hard i try to conceal this shame.I can’t silence the echountil I know the sourcefrom which it came.It emanates from close by.Yet this source of the soundconveys a meaning I don’t recognize.What does it mean?“The only value you find i
Trapped on an island and rotting inside The world is cruel and I despise The raft I built is standing strong It has to get me to where I belong The fish are leaving so I must too
The dark in the light is not viewed often Like a friend’s funeral with an open coffin Not many will look but those who do Will take a glance and walk on through No one wants to see the pain that comes
They take so much and never give back I feel as though we are under attack My home my family now all gone I cannot even sing my pretty songs Running away from those who take
My Favorite Place Taylor N Many other’s favorite places lie, They make it seem as if things will never go wrong. Like when it’s warm outside,
Sadness consumes me. Will I ever feel loved? All pain, all sorrow.
Find it in yourself, to breathe and shout, scream and bleed, to break free. Though when all goes to doubt, bring yourself to see what it really means to be dead and gone.  All those sins and lies you hold  in your heart was  for nothing. all those
Drip Drop The blood pools at the wound Drip Drop The wound weeps crimson tears down my leg Drip Drop The pain is intense Drip Drop
  It’s really nice to see you again, though you are wallowing in self pity I could smell the alcohol from the driveway as you sauntered your way in through the door
I can do nothing other than dream                                           Of what we could have become
My body is paper. I fold myself to what you need Scribble pretty words on myself So that you’ll think I’m Pretty Smart
I am like a raindrop full of pain.Falling out of the skybecause my life was just a lie.Spinning to the groundwithout making a sound.I knew my life would never last.So now I think of my pastas life around me goes flying past.In my eyes goes memorie
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