Evil Queen

Sun, 08/06/2017 - 17:16 -- desruba


United States

I can be a far greater nightmare than you could ever imagine

But that has not always been the case.

I was always the queen but snow added the EVIL to my name

Snow White made me into the monster I am today.

She destroyed my happy ending.

She told mother dearest about my plans to run away

Ruined my only chance of happily ever after with the love of my life.

She couldn’t even keep a simple secret

This led to my mother killing him right in front of my eyes

Snow surely doesn't deserve a happy ending

Everyone has always heard of her side of the story but

I’m tired of her spreading lies, making herself look like the victim

She always misses to say what she did incorrectly.

Evil doesn’t always look evil, it’s always staring right at us

But we never realize it.

The true villain of the story is her, but she hides under her prince.

And ever since she ruined my life I have vowed that day I will destroy her happiness,

Even if it’s the last thing I do.

My new happy ending is Snow's head on a silver plate

Honestly, I make evil look so good



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