Dear Stranger,

When did you pick up this letter?

Are my transcribed words faded from sea winds or even the sticky sands that acts like glitter?

Are you reading this in your voice or have you assumed what of I might sound like?

Well, I hope you didn't assume because then you would just be like the rest of the world.

Always assuming things at first glance, first words.

That assumption will either fit expectations or fail to meet them.

Dear stranger, why do automatically assume things?

Why can't people stop that automated process?

Why do they have to rob themselves of a good mystery or a juicy secret?

A mystery never hurt anyone.

But human nature condemns us for having such a nature.

Everything needs to put in a box, labeled and stored in a category.

A daily chore a minds due, as we never hear the person voice.

Right? Dear Stranger. 



Look at the broken and complete shells around you.

Pick up one. And close your eyes.

Hear the howling of the sea cress your ear in an eerie chill cloaking your body like a blanket.

This is my voice.

Look around and see the thousands of other shells.

Each different, and unique in their own way.

They all look very different don't stranger.

But, pick one by one and they all share the sadden howl of the ocean. 

Open the shell up to hear the pain of the masked voices that are silent and held on the inside.


Dear Stranger,

Don't assume your world or the people you pass.

Listen to the unspoken word of those around you.

Don't become a shell-like me who joined the cries of the sea.


Dear stranger,

Keep my echo of the sea ringing in your ears

to carry in your voice.





This poem is about: 
Our world


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