I don’t know how to start

To share what I feel

Or how to open up my heart

For you to reach out and heal


I don’t want a friend

I don’t want none at all

I don’t want your lending hand

Or you to stop my fall


I don’t need your whisper

Plead, cry or help

I don’t need nothing at all

A scream, a shout a yelp


So I beg just leave me alone

Don’t come closer I swear

I’ll rather talk to a lifeless stone

Then have someone like you care


People walk around

Laughing, smiling and more

I sit alone, the quiet sound

Feeling this pain to the core


But I don’t need anyone

I don’t need a hand

Just leave me to do the things

That I know I can


Don’t say that I’m wearing a mask

Cause in reality I’m not

Don’t say this is an easy task

Cause it hurts so very much


I don’t need your help

Your call or your praise

I don’t need your sorry pity

To make me feel this way


I don’t need your encouragement

Or your soothing lies

I don’t need your pointless advice

Cause I would rather die


So leave me alone

Please I plead

Do I not have the strength?

To heal the scar in which I bleed?


I don’t need help

I don’t at all

Let me cry in pain

From the impact of the fall


In reality there is one thing….

That I want you to hear much clearer….

I’m nothing but a lifeless shell…..

Talking to a Mirror….

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