Draped in Shame (Erosion of a Friendship Pt1.)

No matter how hard i try to conceal this shame.I can’t silence the echountil I know the sourcefrom which it came.It emanates from close by.Yet this source of the soundconveys a meaning I don’t recognize.What does it mean?“The only value you find is in the reflection you see? Consumed in selfish obsession, your wisdom is but a fallacy. Self righteous, beloved, contagious disease. You’re truly unwelcome yet why can’t you see? ”These wailing pleas exist to mock me. Enunciated from the depth of my heart in another.This is a pain not meant for the weary to muster. Corroded teeth and cracked lipsutter repugnant slurs,I can feel you close.Yet only my ears hear not of your words.The congregation is engorged, you have their attention and their echo is heard.Who I am is who I am.Who I become is not for you to choose.Only for you to view.Do not stand by my side.Do not bask in the warmth of my light.Renounce your claim to my nameas if I never knew you.I can see your fear insidebut misdirection will notremove it from your mind.Focus on the reflection you see.Speak of yourself only.Not of negativity. 

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I haven't had the opportunity to sit down and write out my thoughts and feelings in a good minute. This piece is about learning how to focus on yourself and not imposing your weakness on others. Especially those close to you. Its absolutely terrifying to look into your own reflection and see the mirror is shattered, but piecing it back together is where succeeding in life starts to matter. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read any of my work I really appreciate your time and until the next one. -Brandon.

This is part one of a 3 part series called Erosion of a Friendship. 

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