Forever Waiting

Fri, 08/11/2017 - 13:58 -- Eme1294

Here I lay,
laying in the darkness.

Where no one can see me bleed,
No one can hear me scream.

Taking in the scenery,
people pass without thinking

Maybe it is time,
to let them see

The multicolored masks,
the monsters of the night

The untitled stories of my life,
and the reasons I hurt.

The forbidden loves hidden,
in the dark depths of anger

Please see that I am fighting,
An emotionless civil war.

All that I wish is for,
is a fairytale ending.

But here I am bound by blood,
stained in spring.

To feel this endless pain,
because theres is nothing more than you.

And now the mirrors ask,
what the pictures didnt want to say

When you were caged,
was it love or lust?

Sadly no one knows,
even the two strangers dont

Now I sing about confusion,
I dance in the mist

With the strongest heart,
forever beating.

But I still lay here
everyone passes

I am here
In the darkness

Forever waiting


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