Dear Depression

Dear Depression
I hate the fact you give me the feeling of loneliness and oppression
I hate the fact you make me feel alone in a room full of people
I hate the fact in that same exact room I don't feel as equal
I hate the fact I can't befriend people because I feel like they'll never understand me
And That they'll see me differently
I'm afraid they'll see through the laugh and goofy smiles
And that they'll see the unhappiness that can last for hundreds of miles
They'll see the broken China doll that I am
They'll see I'm a broken dam
Waiting to explode all of my emotions
But Instead I bottle it up like a magical potion
Because my emotions are too potent to be released
But then again maybe it'll help my depression decrease
And help my confidence and positivity increase
And then maybe my depression will come to a cease
And then maybe I'll be finally free

Sincerely Taty J

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