The Shadow Exploded

I can do nothing other than dream

                                          Of what we could have become

                                               My voice reduced to a wisp

                                           Never to be what my heart desires

                                            The elation I felt to see you smile

                                             Your eyes sparkling like a night sky

                                               Hopes surged that you felt the same

                                            What we could have been

                                                        If given the chance

                                            All the things we had never done

                            Joy for us to share

                                                    Your voice calls like a song

                                                   Though not to me

                                                        Never to be mine

                                        A spree of my heart to flee from the shadows

                                                Only to be exploded

                                              Despondance flooding my body

                                                   As I am forced to move on

                                          My hopes go to you for sincere happiness of heart

                                              Though it will never be one for us to share

                                              No matter how much I desire

                                        All there's to  do is to dream


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