"You're not a parasite", I try to convince myself
However, this facade will not work forever.
I become too attached to people
Slowly I start living off that person like a host
I am bothersome; I am selfish.
Least of all I am to be innocent.

Mother, you scare me much so.
I am a burden upon you. I bring you much shame.
A parasite is what I name myself as.
Because I'm the reason why you died.
Therefore, I shall take this lighter and hold it to my skin that you scarred.
Mother, you are a parasite as well.

Father, put down your flask.
Do not you know you can't drown yourself that way?
You spend all the money.
Father, you are a parasite as well.

Brother, you are a salamander.
Rush is what you live off of.
Do you not know you are selling off a piece of your soul?
Why did you not think of me before you pulled the trigger?
Brother, you are a parasite as well.

You say you hurt me because you love me.
You hurt me because it will make me stronger.
Incorrect. You hurt me because you want authority.
You hurt me because you're nothing but a parasite.
Everyone is a parasite.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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