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GRATITUDE Gratitude is a positive attitude towards your life an it’s blessings Remember what you’re thankful for in mindful confessions Awareness of the beauty of life
Gratitude easily enters my days, most days She is the rain She is the mountain She is the green field She is the frost She is the walk She is the talk She is shelter She is the sweetness
The third and last poem in my final project assigned under the ELA 12 poetry unit. Dated 10/22/2019  
You will never stop burning holes through my heart when I am alone and I am weak Burning holes through my lip when I can't speak of you Through my palms when I hold the hand of another
I WILL SING Sing praises to God Almighty and adore His holy name Adonai. Blessed be thy Lord and His glorious name. I'll sing praises to thy Lord God with whole my heart.
Let trumpeting elephants 🐘 🐘 praise God. And let roaring lions 🦁 🦁 exalt God. Let mowing cows 🐮 🐮 praise God. And let barking dogs 🐶 🐶
PSALM TWENTY AND ONE OF PRAISE TO MAGNIFY THY LORD GOD, JEHOVAH ORI. 1)I'll adore thy Lord with my whole heart ♥ and I will sing His praise in His sanctuary.
In recovery Feeling much better again Thank the Lord for that (I mean) I'm not feelign awesome yet   Only time will tell
Family and love I got it Food and Safety I got it Education and Support, I got it I may not empathize with those who dont
after all you have done to hurt me  i wish you nothing but peace and the last thing you will ever get from me
I lie awake at night pondering how the day went.  I consider the ups and downs, the highs and lows.  What shall I say about the day? Was it worthwhile or was it just okay? 
Scrambling up the jagged rocks in the mountainous terrain, One will find that from nature countless pleasures can be gained. The slopes of Uttarakhand are home to the Rhododendron tree,
Each day derives from pure beauty and the essences of life The free-spirited wind flows through me as I journey Loyal roots of plants remind me to be grounded and remain sturdy
Friendly and golden it lies there waiting A simple candle with the flame so bright It brings small light as the days fading Sitting on the bedroom desk through the night Days go by, shining with all of its strength Warming and cold fingers, lighti
Thank you for sharing your art From the depths of your heart And the confines of your soul You pulled together something so bold So moving and new It inspired me to share my view
People These Days Are SO DAMNED RUDE ... !!?!! And Seem To Think They Should NOT Use ... Words Like THESE These Two ... THANK YOU ... !!! This Gets To Me Doesn't It To You ... ?
Dang it all why does inspiration come at two oh three am?   I'm listening to the wind blow Grandma’s wooden wind chimes together to the  tickticktick 
Can we take a moment to just stop? Just stop. Stop and think. Think about people. The people in your life. How your life is with those people in them. How your life is without those people in them. 
Child Like by Natasha Bartley   When did I realize I wasn’t a kid anymore, you ask?   I have yet to understand the concept. Of child.
I'm thankful for my mama  I'm thankful for my sisters  I'm thankful for my brother  And all I've been given  I'm thankful for their love  I am so blessed  Never ever will I  See them as pests  They desire my success  And push me hard with no rest
I’m thankful for love, and thankful for heartbreaks. I’m thankful that God keeps all the promises that He makes. I’m thankful for my shelter, and for my daily nourishments.
i’ve seen people in my own mirrors come and go like seasons   and just like summer  soaks up the heat of spring,
Christmas  Commerical happiness  Overeating, disposing, unsatisfying Random act of kindness Goodwill 
With humbled hearts, Our Father, we come to you this day, Expressing heartfelt gratitude for blessings sent our way * We ask you to forgive us for thoughtless word and deed:
L.C. S.H. E.S. A.S. Mentoring me to my most marked moments.  Love of dear friends is showing me to the path of happiness. I am grateful for the bound of blessings you each have bestowed on me.  
My life, my soul, my heart, my whole is claimed. As long as day precedes the night it's here. It plagues me, saves me from a worser fate. As long as night precedes the day it's near.  
All the times you’ve made me smile, All the things you’ve done for me, I couldn’t thank you with any words, You deserve every apology. We make things so much harder, The boat is rocking,
Thank you. It’s never said enough, But when it is said, It’s said with much appreciation. But who do I thank?   I thank my parents,
  My quality time.
To be blessed with a beautiful mom is the best gift of all.
dark nights, laying in bed, wanting the world to just stop. cocooned in a blanket, silent tears, or maybe big loud sobs.
I pray to Him, I wonder if He even hears me.   My routine: Alarm set to wake me up at 5:00 A.M. After I awaken, I play some tunes. I like J. Cole, Kendrick, Tupac, Jay, Nas…
Dear Younger Me,   If I could go back and change things I might, to undo the wrongs and make them right. But that's the thing, the very falslihood I used to believe,
dear grandma,  i'm currently applying for college and every day of my life,  i grow more and more appreciative of your presence in my life.  i owe everything i am to you 
Dear Womanhood, Thank you for your strength For teaching me to hold my head high For giving me the will to fight   Dear Womanhood, You have made me cry
Life is One tricky game Vetnure  Explore to find your name   Yet know Our mind is weak Using Rhetoric that views bleak   Save time Everyone Like you
Dear Nanami,
The best and truest friends Get all the hard jobs   Like the buddy that takes your keys Because driving home in your condition Is more likely to put you in perdition Or the hospital
Again  i hear the word in my heart     falling  like generous drops of peace          flowing through my grateful core
Thankful, a short word denying a bond's regression a soldier fighting the war between conformity and expression  When I wake I can Taste the salt in my tears
When He was happyHe placed in the skyA thousand twinkling diamondsAnd the lover reaches up, up, up To grab these tiny jewelsAnd add to his collection
Her mind tunes to Rameau as She dissects the Earth,From Her solemn seat in the gardens of Eiffel.Pondering mysteries She has wondered since birth, A usual trait of Athena’s DiscipleShe eyes each lone soul with the keenness of KantAnd wonders their
To shine at noon’s break, is nothing to pride.Because in light all shines, in rays all glow,And blue contrasts those who surf in its tide. But night attracts those, who endure its woes,And wander in black towards places unknown;Who pray to their G
When life gives you lemons, pucker your face at their sourness. Know that free stuff totally rocks
Slam! Another closed door hits my face Ouch! Yet another blow to my mind Why the opposition?  The painful rejection?
Waking in the morning in a country that is free. Smiling in the mirror because you are blessed to be healthy. Looking up above to see a roof over your head,
Eyes wide And stinging With tears Feeling so light And heavy Without fears Warmth growing And fertilized By thanks And gratitude And a smile Quiet but there
There is no true way to describe how I feel when I wear my Booper Dooper sweater Yes, it feels soft Yes, it does feel me warm
Jack Jorge Fernandes, “Gratitude for Broken English”
I’m going to tell you something, a story of when I was just an adolescent Not quite a child, nor a man, but the desire to be one was present In my soul, I was thirsting, wanting to be accepted
A concert: a safe haven for the fluorescent adolescents who need music like blood that flows through lyrical shaped veins fueling a pumping heart, fingertips, a voice box. Smooth and soothing.
Gratitude if I could find it on a map . It would have a certain latitude and longitude it would be tough to find . Most people don't see it could not even think to be it. On my best days I can see it. I spin the globe no need to disrobe .
The covers for never leaving after a one night's stand the bed that support me as I sleep the house that has provided shelter from storm and insects the computer purchased by my mother to help me keep up with the days
Everyone needs someone to share in other words, your other pair   May be your sister, mother, friend or daughter the one that will bring you joy and laughter  
why,  at the age of five do I ask myself  "why"?  Why does my dad tell me he has to go away for a long time?  Why am I the only one left?  Why does my mom speand so much time alone with her friends instead of me? 
The inside of my mind, the design is so complicated. So intricate, and it seems that thoughts can be so crowding, and fear does this rerouting
Thank you, for letting me watch the Sun’s brilliant colors,
 Rooftop sightseeing,  while the sun goes down.   Makes my heart starts to ponder,  as the bird reaches it's high,  and the breeze of the wind embraces me,  then makes me feel the essence of positivity.
thank you for this life
These humble teeth and tongue clatter in vain to articulate the fascination, inspiration, and empowerment I derive endlessly from my own mortality, unable to comprehend this yet personal and
When I speak of love I aim my voiceto my parents who brought me hereand taught me how to deal with the cruelties of the world,my freshman year english teacher who cared even after I left
4 AM and y SAT prep book lies before me, and by now I have accomplished more than usualThe sound of cars on the highway is the only thing that separates me from silenceand my ongoing thoughts are what separate me from sleep.
We are, we are Hanging by a thread But we are definitely Lucky we're not dead   We're not dead, And with that said, Let us enjoy our daily bread And live rightfully so.
Feelings of sadness.
run from the wind the shore, the sea from the traitors of men and the locks and the keys. sprint from the castles the horses, the knights from the crown on the head and the storm within sight.
If everyone is an actor, to each his own, why do some leae the performance in the first act? One may think a greater one- a Higher Being, if you will, holds the strings. But Look at your hands.  
It was the Thanksgiving of childhoodthe chopsticks laid out in neat parallel lines,the turkey, golden brown and untouched,waiting for my father and my grandparentsfor their footsteps beyond the door.
I'm crying in my crib and I reach to feel your warmth that radiates the most when I need it. Mom Come pick me up.
The dams have been broken and the water wears me down. Swirling and spiraling, lost in the sound, I grab and grasp for a fortunate foothold. For the one I found, I am forever grateful.  
You are my parents, Who nurtured me, who loved me, who cared for me, There for me along the way. It’s because you are you that I am I.   You are my siblings
the essence of my existence.  As fastpaste as I’ve taught myself to be, my true fulfillment lies in stillness.  The tranquil serenity and peacefulness of the motionless state of the self, a time when I can thoroughly analyze my position in social
Dear Soldier Man Thank you for doing all you can Dear Soldier man  The way you've dedicated your life, you've gained a fan   Dear Soldier Woman I appreciate your bravery! So I salute you
Instructors introdued this form of writing to me. It was an easier way  to be expressed In a sense. First, rhyming was an issue Then, rhyming wasn't a must Now, rhyming is rare.
People are animals. We, once domesticated creatures, now are on a destructive regressive path. We are ending our own world. We are cracking our mother's heart with the pollution of our industries.
The credits start to run after the images fade, Everyone agrees it was a great show and leaves, Not giving much thought to all the work it took to be made.
“No. No. No. We are not like the other cells We are sophisticated and superior, living in houses and hotels No drinking via osmosis, but pull water from wells And we are called to worship God by the church bells”
Mercy I’m lost in the midst of this storm Can some body come save me from what I’ve become I’m lost at sea, shipwrecked upon this lonely isle
I feel lost Like a tree in a city 10 feet from my closest friend But only able to say she’s pretty And I can see the people walking by
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