Gratitude if I could find it on a map . It would have a certain latitude and longitude it would be tough to find . Most people don't see it could not even think to be it. On my best days I can see it. I spin the globe no need to disrobe . My index finger extended the colors whiz by no need to try right now i will just do and with that my hat comes off I let out a cough and stop the earth with my finger.  Had I'd been a swinger I'd have a few people with me sexy time we would say all about lust and play. Don't live that life today .
I take it all in I see it in the moment I feel it . There it is gratitude appreciation an internal elation that brings great serenity and purpose . A god given right lasts all day and through the night . Don't mean to always be right but on this

occasion . There can be no other way . When I Obey that inner knowing that internal loving voice I don't have to worry about making the next choice . Imagine a life with no fear waking in God's grace gives you that space . Gratitude like an exee sketch shake it up you will see the removal of all negativity . That's the truth which you will get from me as I say on this very day a greatfull addict will not act out . Won't even want to shout. Gratitude a feeling of peace and connection . More powerful than a full on erection without protection . Gratitude wins every election from here to there I have nothing more to wear with gratitude I just don't care . Because I realize and see what my higher power truly wants for me.

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