Intuitive Inspiration

Each day derives from pure beauty and the essences of life

The free-spirited wind flows through me as I journey

Loyal roots of plants remind me to be grounded and remain sturdy

The Sun illuminates my path, filling me with energy and positive light

The vastness of our planet, keeps me humble and thankful for my sight

Natural disasters and the human race teach me that resilience is key

Wildlife assures my desire to be free

All four seasons promote opportunity alongside change 

while natural weather explains emotional range

The flow of water inspires the motion of movement 

failure teaches room for improvement

Our very own moon symbolizes divine power

The cycle of life lies right within the center of a flower

Humankind possesses an innate desire for connection

while negative energy provides us with a lesson about infection

My brain inspires me to indulge in complexity

My heart reminds me that pure love is a simplicity

The nourishing energy from Mother Gaia assures the importance of touch

The stillness of each mountain teaches me there’s no need to rush

Those who come before us encourage the power of knowledge

What truly inspires us is important to acknowledge

A wondrous evolution of personal connection begins at birth

Nature has inspired me to respect my time on this Earth

This poem is about: 
Our world


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