Thank You

Thank you, for letting me watch the Sun’s brilliant colors,

for my gaping at the Moon’s gallant grin,

Laughing at the emerald grass tickling our feet,

The way raindrops feel when they trickle down our skin.


Thank you, for letting me hear,

Allowing me to see,

Allowing me to learn,

Allowing us to be free.


Thank you,  for love,

For laughter and smiles,

For tears and frowns,

Even though they may not stay a while.


Thank You, for my family,

My loving mother,

My humorous father,

And my rascal brother.


Thank You, for my incredible friends,

For honesty,

For trust.

For comedy.


Thank You, for words,

For my voice in which I speak,

For the sentences I write,

For the written stories my soul seeks.


Thank You, for the strange times in life,

For the blissful times in our being,

For the tragedies that make us stronger,

For the things that keep us dreaming.


Keep us dreaming,

Keep us looking at the stars,

Wink at the moon and it’ll wink back,

Dream beyond the moon; imagine that there are Martians on Mars.


Anyways, thank you is all I have to say.

From the bright speckles that dangle in the blue,

To the little fish at the bottom of the ocean,

Thank you.

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Our world
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