The Flame Of Glory

Fri, 05/29/2020 - 08:53 -- himani

Scrambling up the jagged rocks in the mountainous terrain,
One will find that from nature countless pleasures can be gained.
The slopes of Uttarakhand are home to the Rhododendron tree,
Where myriad birds flock together and declare themselves free.

As spring sets in with promises of a newly blooming life,
And winter is lulled into deep slumber thus retiring from the strife.
The hills rejoice over the birth of a flower divinely made,
Sublimely it blossoms in sunshine or in shade.
These trees decorate verdant hills,
Spotting the bright red amidst the common green,our heart thrills.

They soak the sunshine,
And enjoy the soft caress of the morning breeze.
The lustrous petals are left moist by dewdrop's kiss,
Entry into their territory is like a visit to bliss.

The melange of flowers not only provide exquisite delight,
But also grant our parched throats respite.
As the refreshing Buransh juice is a gift from the hills,
Fatigue,stress and clumsiness is what it kills.

In iridescent hues they have spread their glory far and wide,
And they know how to keep up with the stride.
While other local trees are slipping away,
It is clear that the Rhododendron is here to stay.

Himani Bisht

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