Across the Skies

To shine at noon’s break, is nothing to pride.Because in light all shines, in rays all glow,And blue contrasts those who surf in its tide. But night attracts those, who endure its woes,And wander in black towards places unknown;Who pray to their God for an end to such battlesThat have left them deplete, and even worse, alone. Exhaust that their pain, still strays in its shadows,Hidden by smiles that cloud you like mist. Yet still I prefer the night to the morrow.For it sparks in us flames which are otherwise missed,By summer’s rays surcease of sorrow.For only darkness makes fair Luna shineAs bright as her twin, though not as benign And night skies alone, provide stars room to glowIn the heavens above, the most gracious of showsSo to you dear friend, an inspiration you’ve beenFor your strength and your joy, we hope ne’er endsA prophet to all, nothing less than a saviorLeast by the better angels of all of our nature. 

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My community
Our world
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