Tree In The City


United States
40° 43' 23.4876" N, 73° 11' 17.0232" W

I feel lost
Like a tree in a city
10 feet from my closest friend
But only able to say she’s pretty
And I can see the people walking by
To wrapped up to simply say “hi, hello there tree. I will give you breathe if breathe you give unto me.”
I’d feel less obligated to share with you life which for us both;was created. Without a friend I cannot persist and here you have put me on a precipice. The cusp. Just close enough to look them in the eyes but never close enough to know them. You think this is a cruel world but your surrounded by peers all crying out for love but all crushed by their fears. And I’m stuck. Rooted in the ground staring you dead in the face just wishing I could scream wake up. But I can’t and if I could you’d walk on by, because If my opinion isn’t your opinion it just won’t fly.


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