Thank You Sean

There is no true way to describe how I feel when I wear my Booper Dooper sweater

Yes, it feels soft

Yes, it does feel me warm

Yes, it is from a YouTuber that I highly admire

But no, this does not describe how or what  I feel when I wear it


The sweater is merchandise from “jacksepticeye”

He yells and messes around with video games for a living

He is loud

He is very obnoxious  

Yet, he made my life a lot brighter

He makes me smile in my worst days

He brightens up any dark room


He has also been through tough times, yet he bounced back stronger than ever

And he created one of the best YouTube communities that anyone saw

Along with some of his other YouTube friends, they have built an outstanding community together

It is a place where new people are welcome

It is a place where people can relate and comfort one another

It is a place where people can be themselves


And when I wear his sweater it reminds me of the days where he made me strong

It reminds me of the days where I learned to love myself

It reminds me that I am part of one of the best communities I could ever be in

But no matter what, I can never truly describe how honored I feel to put on that sweater and to know that I am to be part of that community


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