A Thanksgiving Prayer

With humbled hearts, Our Father, we come to you this day,
Expressing heartfelt gratitude for blessings sent our way
We ask you to forgive us for thoughtless word and deed:
Those times when self or arrogance your kingdom did impede
We pray your help to lift a friend who shadowed by some need:
With faltering step is struggling: it's on his behalf we plead.
May our hands be like yours to each soul we touch today:
Your help, your hope, your comfort shown in all we do and say
May golden words of healing upon our lips be found
Our tongues the ministers of peace where hatred does abound
This generous outpouring; the love that you have showed:
Our lives are overflowing with the goodness you've bestowed
We praise your name forever, on you we do depend,
We're thankful only, alway, to You, our God, our Friend

© Copywritten by David C Rogers 2018

This poem is about: 
Our world



A lovely inspiring apt poem for thanksgiving. With your talent you shouldn't have stopped writing. I thought we would a,ways read each other and u will continue writing. Hope u do poet.


so nice to read from you again, Pleez do comment/ review my newest poem too.


Hello it's been a while I wanted to ask if you could mentor and give me feed back on my work like we usto email

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