Barefoot Walk of Love

To be blessed with a beautiful mom is the best gift of all.
She is an incredible inspiration to me, my angel love shows me the importance of true kindness towards all creatures small, and tall. My incredible inspiration has guided my walk-through life with love, laughter, and positive memories to last. She is always a blast with her radiant smile of pure joy, lighting up the souls of everyone she encounters with sentiment. Her enthrallment to discover the world has created a map of wondrous curiosity with a compass of gratitude to be a lantern in my path of peace. Down my joyful journey through life my mom has enchanted me into a great state of awe, for she is a rose of respect. She resembles treating every human being with respect, dignity, and equality. Her passion for compassion has affected my heart in so many meaningful ways, for her rays of sunshine have taught me that when we treat each other with care the world becomes our loving home that God has intended it to be. My angel of a mom is a dove of love bringing peace, positivity, and perseverance to this world. When you lay your head to sleep at night, I know God sends angel kisses upon your forehead for he appreciates the remarkable, incredible, dependable, responsible but most importantly loving woman you are! You are a beautiful angel; your smile lights up my heart!

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My family
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