Instructors introdued this form of writing to me.

It was an easier way  to be expressed

In a sense.

First, rhyming was an issue

Then, rhyming wasn't a must

Now, rhyming is rare.

The words spill out onto paper

Forming a masterpiece of fragments.

Fragments turn into feelings.

The feelings touch others

To show -- or even bettter --

To express

What one may think and/or feel.

Instructors helped me improve.

Showing examples, 

Assigning projects,

Demanding perfection.

Started off stressful,

Turned out being a hobby.

Instructors acknowledged my work.

From the grading

To the sharing with other instructors.

Poetry allowed me to be proud

Of who I had become.

One able to be expressed to the world.

Or maybe it wasn't

The poetry.

Instead, I must say

It  was the many instructors,

Who taught me to be proud.

Simply because my instructors

Introduced me to poetry.


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