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<- OBSESSION -> manifests itself directly from deep -> LONGING that occurs due to unmet -> HUNGER
If you die, it shall be by my hands  If you embrace anyone, it shall be me Don’t sleep without thinking about me  Close your eyes just to think about me 
Do not we all have addictions of different kinds Some like mugs of Budweiser sharp at seven Others love their late evening shots of Tequila Few of them have fixations for meth or cocain
Oh!  Love me I'd be still. Still for you to touch.    Steal my heart, life and self.  I'd give more if there is more to give I'd be all you want me to.    Take me!  Oh! run with me!
I love you as I love a dandelion bright thing If you are paper I will fold you and lock you in a drawer
I Just pray that you will stay You know I'm not good with words ,but I have to express it in some way I'm just hoping that our time will be forever Even forever means never I'm sorry I look desperate
dear idol i want to be like you   dear idol i want to be you   scratched your name into my arms your face is my tattoo your tattoo is my face   i've been listening a decade
Once I get home, I sit outside after a long day. Everyone wants to talk to me, but I don't really have anything to say. I like to keep to myself, because it ensures that I will not be in pain.
My love, you are my world; You fill me with imagination, inspiration, new creations; You open my eyes to see what can be. You are my life; My heart beats for you, I breathe for you; You are my heart;
What have you done to me? Got wandering the streets at 3 AM. Knowing you're laying with another man. Got my will, fight, and strength in the palm of your hand.   I am foolish to fall in love
In the Jungle, there is a mystery of darkness and wonders; There is a war between a mighty beast and a man. They kill for pleasure and for vengeance;
I hope your husband treats you better than your mom's boyfriend treated her. I'm sorry I mentioned their violence when we fought- a bad time to bring it up but I guess I knew we were through.
You were a Queen when my eyes met yours Black and so beautiful And so so strong for sure, Lips so thick just begging for a kiss Skin so sweet looking like a Hershey's kiss, So so gorgeous and sexy in every way
My “fashionable” addiction to cigarettes has given me a few things: One. A metallic flavor coating the inside of my cheeks , paired with a yellow tongue that tastes it.
From your hair to your eyes, Your smile to your heart, All I see is perfection   You're smile as sweet as honey You're words that could drive any girl insane You're beautiful and pure
Dear Obsession,   Consuming my mind Controlling my life Lying in bed
Awkward man, awkward manners. Awkward man gets on the Internet. Awkward man conversates with fans of a show. Awkward man is a fan of a show, A show involving animated and colorful ponies.
If I love you, and I don't know I love you, What do I do? How do I name wanting to watch you Every second, thinking about you Constantly, how do I name wanting to touch your hands?
Now I understand the reasons why  I can't destroy my existence  Since it is only made up of  Pure rages and happiness. He sees the side of me  No one ever gets to feel.
I love him His beautiful smile His cerulean blue eyes His midnight hair. He loves me My blank face My dirty blonde hair My emotionless brown eyes. He loves him That bloody red head
Gather ye round, kids, would you like to knowAbout how I took up the art of writing poems?Let me summarize my 18 years in all of their glory,As you sit around t
Heed My Mind, And Swallow My Tongue, As I Will Subconsciously Wade, Not Swim To My Demise, Not A Thought Has Shone, Shone Through The Mirror Of My Eye, The Icy Pane Of Forgiveness,
Her smile in these photos entice me to look deeper and beyond my interpretation.
How can I understand what you say behind the lines of those silent words of exclamations? How can I understand what you are trying to say when I cannot hear your voice, ...you don't pick my calls...because you were busy.
Since you've been gone, I look for you in every face. I collect pieces of you in the notes of your favorite song. I close my eyes and make out the outline of your face and I make love to your memory.
You're the only one who can lift me up, make me happy with little to no effort. Just you being who you are is enough alone to remind me of all the reasons why I love you.
Love is an obse
I love the people. Even if,             I don't think they need it.             I don't think they want it.             I don't think they know it.             I don't think it even helps.
Only unwittingly did you fashion me into a hedonist You never faultered in your whole life But you could never fathom the extent of my intensity.
It's 5:23 am and I'm wide awake, as a matter of fact I think this is as awake as I've ever been. I have to pick my clothes up from the cleaners at 9:00, I have class at noon, I have an essay due at 10:00, and I have got to clean my room.
I can’t help but wonder what he thinks. How he feels. Does he notice me? Do I mean anything to him or am I just some slut? No. I won’t be. I refuse to be. No matter how bad I want him I will not be that for him.
Nymph. Obsessed with intimacy, sex, passion. You awaken the beast in every saintly man. Show them life on the Devil's side. You give to them Holy Ground.
She was beautiful beyond compareyoung, brunette, and fairI could not help but call “Hello there!”My dear and beloved Lillian.
He's on his cellphone while his 2 year old child is running around, Through the window I see a family eating dinner and their all separated by their own entertainment,
When I look into his eyes,
I dream about you every night. 
I wish he could hear me. I yell, I plead. He can't hear my screams.
The only thing that makes me happy I'll never have,  
As you walk away,
I would change the mind obsessed with pretty colors and popular dress   When she was a baby her mother dressed her in the best she could afford She would sit in bows and laces
An obsession An addiction. It tortures me, but I need it. I got to know the number on the scale.   Restrict my food. Binge eat. Purge. Thoughts of laxatives.
They say I’m mad, tis not true, I’m in love Thou known through my actions, this moment Glancing through his window on a cold night Watching my love sleep peacefully in bed  
I fell in love with her not in the words she spoke but the way she said them.
I have never longed for emptiness
The piece of paper lays crinkled in my stained hands. There is a blister between my thumb and forefinger.
She had never been very perceptive. Her body knew weeks before she did that he had been coming near, Making her palms dampen and neck prickle
We walk in empty rooms.
I hear the slightest sound in the middle of the night. Both my heart and my breath have ceased for the moment.I am completely motionless.There goes another noise.This time, it is more distinct.
You're bouncing 'round my skull You're dancing in my thoughts You're stuck fast on my mind And I can't get you off You're hiding in my head And racing through my brain You're seeping through my soul
Incumbent Ideas the shapes the sounds Twisting in the folds of my cerebrum clenching digging poking wriggling grey matter white matter irritation Swelling with the shapes the sounds
Screaming at the top of your lungsBlasting the speakers all the way upEvery emotion in every songIt's impossible to get enoughMelodies of understandingLyrics sing the truthMusic filled with feeling
I have an obsession and I don’t like it one bit. Some people think it’s strange But a lot of the time, I simply can’t help it   I remember the first time I Discovered its magnitude.
Obsession does not care if you bleed: Internally Eternally.   Obsession only needs to feed: Eternally Internally.   Eat the brain first. You don’t need to think.
Memories of gold and greenfloating in the unearthly breeze of the forestlike a nymph tickling the toesof all who threaten her Cognizant vitalitywhat is real is what is realNothing more, Nothing less.
Without you;     I cannot sleep. I cannot be happy. I cannot do anything. I cannot even bear myself.
No movement; a life switched to pause Because of you A shore with no waves   No sleep It's been days 
It was a snowy friday night and i layed awake in bed. The torturing songs from earlier at school had still played in my head. You didn't see all that we could be. I felt every molecule of my body going weak and cold
Blinded by a love that’s not there Comforted by the idea of having you near Analyzing everything about you Hoping to be the one you turn to Staring at you as you walk by Knowing you will probably never be mine
An impulse I can't control It all comes on very slow Thoughts start to grow and grow and turn into obsessions Obsessions I cannot resist
My dear, I have spotted you and now you are mine I saw the back of your head yesterday in line I stalked through your Facebook Five hours is all it took Next, I read through your Twitter
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