I have an obsession and

I don’t like it one bit.

Some people think it’s strange

But a lot of the time, I simply can’t help it


I remember the first time I

Discovered its magnitude.

I thought it was so magnificent, I

Didn’t know whether to accept it as friend, or food


We played together, and laughed

A million times in a day

Heck, I didn’t need any childhood friends

When I had someone like him with me to play


Ever since then,

You could not separate us apart.

I’d always cause a scene when seeing it,

Especially if someone courageously, took me to Wal-Mart


I’ve calmed my addiction now,

No more outbursts for me

…What was that? Did someone just say

the word, cheese?


I can’t take it anymore!

I have had enough!

I can’t help it,

I need this stuff!


It could be cheese anything!

I could care less, whether

It’s nice and tidy,

Or a melted mess


Cheddar, provolone,

Gorgonzola, Swiss,

There are so many flavors

You don’t wanna miss!


Pepper jack, American,

Mozzarella, and Bleu,

Sometimes I don’t even care if

The expiration date is past due!


I’ll put it on hamburgers,

I’ll melt it on chips,

I’ll shred it on spaghetti,

I’ll melt it for dip


I’ll eat it on bread

I’ll eat it in the wind

I’ll eat it just plain,

I’ll share it with a friend


This may sound a little weird,

Yes, even weird for me,

But I can’t help but wonder,

What would cheese taste like, on ice cream?


Whew! I think I’m finished with

This insanity, because

All this cheese talk

Has made me quite hungry


I end with saying this

One last thing about cheese

So let me finish quickly,

So I can get some please


It is the perfect snack,

Fit for any man.

Except no one can love cheese

As much as I can



This was profoundly creative and witty. Thouroughly enjoyed reading this poem. My colleagues and I had a feast listening to the profound detail you described your cheddary delicacies in. I would love to hear more about beautiful dietary lifestyle.

-A passionate fan


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