An open letter to Obsession

Wed, 12/20/2017 - 18:37 -- whodies

Dear Obsession,


Consuming my mind

Controlling my life

Lying in bed

Sleep when I'm dead


I know you

I have felt you

Countless times

The phases that fade

The ones that are washed away

With the rain that is the train of thought


Some will remian

And form the great chain

Those puppet strings

That overtake thoughts


You are children using sticks as swords

recreating the great battle they have seen in the theater

You are the teenagers qouting the words

with bright eyes  from their favoirte novel

You are old smiles when grown adults

reminace and fall into the trap

and repeat


That cycle

That cirlce that screams

"Forget me not"

That circle that means

"I am you"

"I am a part that makes the whole"


Draining. Draining.

Life force draining.

Eyes forced open

So the mind may consume

What it most desires at the time


However. Dear Obsession.

In the dead of daylight

I trust you. I'll follow you.

Follow those blind leads

Down the rotting paths


Go where thoughts remian

Frozen on what you have chosen

And wait

Until they are forgotten or trampled

By the next one.


Ever changing

Ever trustworthy

But do not be overtaken

Do not lose the parts of the whole

Do not fade into it


Consumption. Control.

The breath of life.











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My family
Our world


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