I Still Love You

I dream about you every night. 
Of things that used to be 
Of the things that should still be. 
When the rest of the world is dreaming 
I sit on my bed and think about the times we spent together. 
Even through the distance, you make a big impact upon my life. 
They say you never forget your first love 
And the love I feel for you will live in my heart forever. 
I hold on to the precious memories we made together 
And I never want to forget them 
For that would be like forgetting you 
Somewhere in my heart, 
There is still hope that you think about me 
That you still hold the love for me that you once did 
That you still dream of me at night 
And smile at the memories. 
Do you still care about me? 
Do you remember all the happy times we spent together? 
Do you still want to hold me close and love me forever? 
I sit alone, looking at our pictures 
Thinking about us 
Thinking about the plans we made 
Thinking of all the broken promises 
I don’t know what happened to us 
Everything seemed to be going well 
Our love was so strong 
I wish we could sit together and talk 
And make things right between us 
Fix everything that went wrong 
We always said our love would last forever 
And that’s the way it should be 
We should be together 
You should be here with me 
We were born for each other 
I know that I live in a fantasy world 
Where our lives are perfect 
And nothing ever goes wrong 
I cry when I realize that it’s not real 
That we are not perfect and everything went wrong 
I don’t mean to be obsessed 
I hope you can forgive me 
I want to make things right 
I want to sit with you and talk 
I want to fix whatever went wrong 
There is nothing I wouldn’t do to have your love back 
I want to be your girl; I want to be your whole world 
I want to show you that I still care 
That I’m still here 
I tried not to look back too much 
I tried not to miss you 
But I did look back on everything 
And I miss you so much 
I feel so lonely and empty inside 
How can you just leave me like this? 
You didn’t understand what gave me joy 
You could only bring me tears 
You shot down my hopes and laughed at my fears 
But, I still love you, I still miss you and I still want to be with you 
My heart has broken into two 
And I would like you to know 
That you were the first one I ever truly loved 
The first one to ever make me believe in love 
You made me want to live 
You made me want so many things I didn’t want before 
I thought you were different 
I thought you were the one 
I wanted to give you a legacy 
And to be your one true love 
I told you that we had things to work out 
But you didn’t want to take the time 
You wanted it to either work fast or be done with it 
If you truly loved me, you would have taken the time 
And you would have helped me work it out 
You hurt me more than you’ll ever know 
You broke my dreams 
You broke my heart 
I thought that we would never end 
And here I am alone 
Without you at my side 
Thinking about you 
Thinking about us 
Wishing that we were still together 
Crying at the memories 
Crying because we could never be 
I love you 
I miss you 
I wish it hadn’t ended 
I wish that you still loved me 
I wish I didn’t have to hurt because of you 
I just want to forget about you and never hurt again 
But, then I could never forget my first love 
Because the love I felt will last for the rest of my life 
And I could never forget all the good times we spent together 
And I could never forget how I felt in your arms 
And how special you made me feel 
And then, I will never forget how much you hurt me 
And how much I want you still 


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