I would change the mind obsessed

with pretty colors

and popular dress


When she was a baby

her mother dressed her

in the best she could afford

She would sit in bows and laces

waiting for her baby brother

to be born

Her heart held no romance

And her parents cheered


As a child

Denim was culture

Denim hats and Denim clothes

Then she hugged her little brother

whom she did not loathe

At school, a boy kissed her

on the cheek

And she said, "Yuck"

Her parents laughed


In her teenage years

old became the new

Hipster to mainstream

Everything changed

She hit her brother

Enough to pain him

She said

She had completely fallen in love

Then her parents screamed in fear


College years flew by

And a wedding was next

White dress

that should be red

White veil

upon her head

Her Brother

was not there

For Death

is never fair

She said, "I Do"

And her parents cried


Her baby will be dressed

in the best she could afford

That culturic mind

will Never be bored


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