Feel Me

Wed, 02/25/2015 - 22:32 -- mnm-mia

Only unwittingly did you fashion me into a hedonist

You never faultered in your whole life

But you could never fathom the extent of my intensity.

You speak to me so softly and without the slightest hint of distrust

I offer only acerbic adulation

I want to abuse you.

If only I could tarnish your perfection

Then and only then would I be worthy of your time.

If I, the person closest to you, hurt you...

Can you stomach the thought?

I fear you will forget me.

Your every breath quivers with the rawness of sincerity

Would you ever stray from the path of humility?

Before I fade into the gentle night I will hurt you.

Festering wounds to remind I was here

I will blacken palest skin with seething tar of cigarettes.

I will bleed you.

The seeping remnants; a token of my unwavering loyalty.

I will delight in the scarlet tortured shrieks of my very own name.

Beacause I love you.

You will feel me.

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