I Need To Know

How can I understand what you say behind the lines of those silent words of exclamations?

How can I understand what you are trying to say when I cannot hear your voice, ...you don't pick my calls...because you were busy.

How can I understand when you are so near and yet so far, because u refused to let your hand to write the things u thought in your heart.

I need to know. I need to know if I can hear your voice and may be, someday hold your hands and walk the road with you.

I need you. And I need you to make me understand if I can have you, make you mine and see how if we can build a great future together.

I need you. And I need you to tell me the things you want to tell me, because I need to know.

I need to know because I need to find my feet from the flow of words you find to say or text, to find my feet to walk through the road to my destiny. I need to know. Because it is the smiles on your face that inspires me.

But before you say or text a word, I need you to know that I will understand. And that if destiny designs a dance for us to dance, my hand is open to hold your hand and my feet is there to take the walk with you. But still, I need to know.

Madua'Justice #MJWordsmith.
Spoken Word Poetry.

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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