So sick (and it's no secret)

You're the only one who can lift me up, make me happy with little to no effort. Just you being who you are is enough alone to remind me of all the reasons why I love you. And all in the same token, you can break me down, make me feel like nothing, when you go I just wait here in limbo , until the bext time we speak I don't know. Fearing each time that this time may be the last, and I just can't grasp you being with anyone else, I can't see it, I can't accept it, because you're supposed to be with me, or at least that's all I can see. It's true I am a fool, but I can't let go of the high you put me on with every word, every kiss, every touch, I'm you're gone and I'm so sick, and every knows it, it's no secret...



In the fourth sentence you put bext and im guessing it should be next time we speak

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